import promptbench as pb
from promptbench.models import LLMModel
from promptbench.prompt_attack import Attack
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  from .autonotebook import tqdm as notebook_tqdm
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To enable them in other operations, rebuild TensorFlow with the appropriate compiler flags.
# create model
model_t5 = LLMModel(model='google/flan-t5-large')

# create dataset
dataset = pb.DatasetLoader.load_dataset("sst2")

# create prompt
prompt = "As a sentiment classifier, determine whether the following text is 'positive' or 'negative'. Please classify: \nQuestion: {content}\nAnswer:"

# define the input process function, output process function, and evaluation function
input_process_func = pb.InputProcess.basic_format
output_process_func = pb.OutputProcess.cls
eval_func = pb.Eval.compute_cls_accuracy

# define the unmodifiable words in the prompt
# for example, "positive" and "negative" are unmodifiable, and "content" is modifiable because it is a placeholder
unmodifiable_words = ["positive", "negative", "content"]

# create attack, specify the model, dataset, prompt, input process function, output process function, evaluation function, and unmodifiable words
attack = Attack(model_t5, "stresstest", dataset, prompt, input_process_func, output_process_func, eval_func, unmodifiable_words)

# print attack result
You are using the default legacy behaviour of the <class 'transformers.models.t5.tokenization_t5.T5Tokenizer'>. This is expected, and simply means that the `legacy` (previous) behavior will be used so nothing changes for you. If you want to use the new behaviour, set `legacy=False`. This should only be set if you understand what it means, and thouroughly read the reason why this was added as explained in
Special tokens have been added in the vocabulary, make sure the associated word embeddings are fine-tuned or trained.

These words (if they appear in the prompt) are not allowed to be attacked:
['positive', 'negative', 'content']

/home/v-zhukaijie/anaconda3/envs/promptbench/lib/python3.8/site-packages/transformers/generation/ UserWarning: `do_sample` is set to `False`. However, `temperature` is set to `0` -- this flag is only used in sample-based generation modes. You should set `do_sample=True` or unset `temperature`.

(0.0, "As a sentiment classifier, determine whether the following text is 'positive' or 'negative'. Please classify: \nQuestion: {content}\nAnswer  and false is not true :", 0.0, 0.0)